We're happy to feature LEIGH HARRISON's 4th poetry collection, "From A to Zeus," now available at poetry readings, which will be available on Amazon very soon.

The book represents the result of a lifetime of writing poetry, along with many decades of reading mythology and religious texts. The 65 poems in this volume relate to the Old and New Testaments, to Greek and Roman mythology, as well as world history and mythology (including Aztec, Japanese, Hindu, and Scandinavian.)

The book closes with a section of poems in
which the author imagines various Biblical or mythological characters in modern times.
This volume includes several works by artist, Rosie Rinsler, which add a whimsical and stunning pop of color to the cover and interior.

Softcover / Full color illustrations /
100 pp.

$20.00 / ISBN: 978-0-9838417-2-2
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forms. She has explored the writings of the great religions and their rich mythology to produce poems that are provocative, amusing, and at times profound.
—Dr. Robert K. Kramer, Poet, playwright, critic and translator of European Literature

       There is eloquent craftsmanship in these pages, forging psalms and love sonnets that Shakespeare would appreciate. Ms. Harrison exhibits a command of the English language that reveals an understanding and ability to interpret history and myth with a resounding gift of lyricism, empathy, wit, wisdom – and comic abandon. There are bright surprises for all who harken here.

—Su Polo, Founder and Curator of the Saturn Series Poetry Reading, NYC

       Leigh Harrison's deep knowledge of her subject matter is praiseworthy, and her storied poetic responses to the canon of timeless classic and historical literature reflect a rich love of language, and a clear respect for diverse poetic form. Leigh Harrison is a prolific, mellifluous poet who energizes language with deliberate passion. Artist Rosie Rinsler's vibrant illustrations dress From A To Zeus with vivid, dreamlike explosions. This collection’s a must-have for continued sumptuous literary pleasure.

—Rev. Lisa Roma, Poet, editor, artist; Founder-Director of Creative Women’s Network
       Move over, Bulfinch and Hamilton – everything you need to know about mythology, emotion (especially love), and the fount of creative pulse and impulse is right here in Leigh Harrison’s sumptuous binge From A to Zeus. Reading these lyrical poems, it is clear that Ms. Harrison composed the heavenly lines from atop Mount Olympus, with the Muses whispering in her ear. Harrison skillfully and perceptively draws parallels of vengeance, domestic violence, and of course lust, from myth to modernity in a generous language that burns and burnishes, as far-reaching and penetrating as Cupid’s bow, and she does it with her trademark peacock-inspired colors and flair.
        From controlled meter to wild and woolly rap (check out “Hades Blues”), from the Old Testament to the present, Leigh Harrison’s poetry is written in the magical/musical manner that fans of hers have long known is deeply embedded in her fingers and her soul. These heroic poems are ambitious, epic, and ethereal; “Zeus Rocks Out” gives new meaning to the phrase “supreme god on high” and one thing is certain: From A to Zeus will soothe you, bedazzle you, bathe you in mythic debauchery, and stir your earthly passions.
—Cindy Hochman, Editor-in-Chief of First Literary Review-East

       Leigh Harrison has brought us a poetry collection that stands out in brilliant contrast from most contem-
porary verse. In an age of formlessness, she displays
a subtle mastery of poetic forms, particularly of the
sonnet and sestina. But she combines this mastery
with an intensity of feeling that vividly animates these
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