In 2011, WordCrew published Leigh Harrison's "Finding Sermons In Stones," a collection of
poems focusing on nature and the four seasons.

B+W illustrations / 32 pp.
ISBN: 978-09839417-0-8 / $10
WordCrew also published the second edition of Leigh's "Tour De Farce," a collection of original humorous poems, and (sometimes loving, some- times critical) parodies and satires of other poets' work.

1996, reprinted 2007
28 pp. / $7
This small but lovely recipe book, published in 2009, is a collection of the favorite recipes of Leigh's Korean ESL students from Queens.

Each contributed one or two recipes from his
or her personal collection, and Leigh added a favorite recipe of her own. Interior art by Leigh, cover art by Eunice Cho, one of her students.

Soft cover / B+W illustrations / 20 pp. / $5
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Art & Recipe Books
Rosie Rinsler works in pen-and-ink and watercolor,
and embraces a variety of archetypal images, such as stars, cats, guitars, and the human body, and infuses them with an enchantment and joy that seems drawn from an admixture of highly stylized primitivism, sur-
realism, cave drawings, psychedelic art, and pop art. In 2013, WordCrew published her chapbook.

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Soft cover / Full color illustrations / 28 pp.
ISBN: 978-0-9838417-1-5 / $10
Not often do we find a cohesive and sustained hymn to nature – meadows, flowers, trees, the breath of air, the shades of longings – in such inexhaustible array as Leigh Harrison projects in this small, rich volume, "Finding Sermons in Stones." Stones are receptacles of beauty here, beauty a matrix of ethics where the pulse of life reposes.

Diana Festa, Poet, author

After the floods, earthquakes and tornadoes that marked these difficult years, it's comforting to read poems that are essentially loving – and lovely – portraits of Nature's other face, the face the natural world wears when we feel most welcome in its embrace. Leigh Harrison has combined her varied gifts and interests in this collection, in which she tells us that:
                        "All that lives in Nature
                         speaks a secret tongue,
                         but when I listen with my heart,
                         I understand what's sung"
What a reassuring thought that is, and how grateful we are for poems that urge us to believe it!

Rhina P. Espaillat
In TOUR DE FARCE, versatile Leigh Harrison sets out to deliver smiles and belly-laughs, of which nowadays our poetry needs all it can get. This light-hearted collection is like a dazzling style show, with Harrison parading in the garb of other poets---Emily Dickinson, William Carlos Williams, Wallace Stevens, and more. Not that she can’t expertly do her own thing. Check out “Indeed!”, “The Usual Gang,” and “Writer’s Block Day” -- delectable comic poems, each well worth the price of admission Go ahead, dip in, be regaled.

Poet, literary critic, author of numerous collections
of humorous poems

Leigh Harrison in her book “Tour De Farce” holds a concave mirror up to the masters of poetic verse and does what Lewis Turco accomplished so ably in “The Book of Forms,” strips them of their distance from the reader. She puts the humor back in poetry. Whereas, other poets are restricted by rhyme, Ms. Harrison uses it to her advantage. It’s more a salute to poetical form than farce. But like Oscar Wilde, a student of Walter Pater, she honors her teachers by paying them the ultimate compliment – imitating their style.

Hal Sirowitz
Former Poet Laureate of Queens, New York