LEIGH HARRISON has had a lifelong involvement with the written word; as a writer and poet, she taught poetry, writing, and short story classes at several colleges and universities, and was the recipient of poetry, literary, and songwriter awards.  She has an MA in English from CUNY.  Her poems have appeared in numer-ous journals and magazines in the US and abroad, in print and online.  She has been a proofreader and editor at several magazines, and has edited a number of poetry collections.  As a staff member of the Poet To Poet TV show, she helped record the guests that appeared on the show, and as a member of Brevitas (an online poetry group), helped create the Brevitas 9 documentary, along with Bob Perfetto.  Working with WordCrew allows Leigh the opportunity to support the efforts of her fellow writers and artists by working with them on layout, design, editing, and/or packaging for their books, CDs, and videos.
BOB PERFETTO has a degree in English literature and has long appreciated the literature and poetry of fine authors.  He is the founder of SongCrew, a company that records and produces musical performances.  SongCrew has now branched out to include WordCrew, whose aim is to record and produce spoken word performances and to assist in the publication of artistic works from any genre.  In addition, he composed the opening music for the Poet To Poet cable TV show.  At present, he is digitally remastering the Poet To Poet shows for the internet; currently, he has made over 100 shows featuring poets and musicians available for viewing on YouTube.  Bobís two productions for poet, Larissa Shmailo, include both his recording and engineering work, and his guitar-based instrumentals accompanying some of her work.
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